On-Site Facilities

Scale House

Scale House

Located near the main entrance of the site, the Scale House is the first point of contact with customers. In addition to the scale house itself, there are 4 truck scales in use. Three of these scales are used to weigh in-bound trucks and one is utilized for out-bound trucks. All vehicles regardless of size are weighed before they are released to the disposal areas.

Customer Convenience Area

Customer Convenience Area:

Located just beyond the Scale House, the Customer Convenience Area is a concrete off-loading area that is provided for use by residential customers during wet weather conditions. There are eight (8) large roll-off containers placed in this area. The customers off-load on an elevated platform with the containers situated below the platform. Covel Gardens employees shuttle the containers to the active disposal area as they become full.

Helper Hut

Helper Hut:

Provided as a safety feature, the Helper Hut is a covered shelter located along the site's main access road. As commercial trucks proceed from the Scale House to the disposal area, the drivers are required to stop and have all helpers wait at the Helper Hut. Only drivers are allowed to enter the active disposal areas. This policy reduces the number of individuals present at the working face eliminating the possibility of accident and injury to those non-essential individuals who are not required for the off-loading process. As drivers return form the working face they stop and pick up their helpers at the Helper Hut.

Gas Plant

Gas-To-Energy Plant:

Landfill gas is collected and used a fuel to power the landfill's new gas-to-energy plant. The plant generates electricity that is distributed onto the CPS Energy power grid and dispersed to customers in the nearby area. See Daily Operations - Landfill Gas Plan for more details.

Admin Buildings

Administrative Offices:

There are two office buildings located on the site. These buildings house the administrative staff and sales employees.

Maintenance Yard

Maintenance Yard:

Maintenance of heavy equipment is an essential part of the site's operation. The Maintenance Yard consists of a fenced area that encompasses a maintenance shop, several supports buildings, a 12,000 gallon diesel fuel tank and area for storage of small support equipment such as pumps, mowers and light plants.

Solidification Area

Solidification Area:

Direct disposal of bulk liquids waste is prohibited therefore liquid loads must be solidified before disposal in the landfill. This is accomplished by off-loading the liquids into 'mixing basins'. Once in the basins the soil from the site is added to the liquids and a backhoe is used to mixed the two until it is becomes a solid material. Each batch must be tested using a paint filter to determine that no free liquids are present. Each paint filter test is logged before the solidified waste is placed in the landfill. The backhoe loads the contents of a mixing basin into a large dump truck and the waste is transferred to the disposal area. There are five (5) solidification basins.

Water Storage Tank

Water Storage Tank:

All water used at Covel Gardens is supplied by an on-site water well. Adjacent to the well is a water storage tank with a holding capacity of 120,000 gallons. Water for dust control, construction activities, landscape irrigation, restroom facilities and fire protection is supplied from this storage tank.

Wheel Wash

Wheel Wash:

During wet weather conditions al vehicles exiting the facility must pass through the wheel wash which consists of a recessed concrete structure with entrance and exit ramps. The wheel wash which has a system of heavy grates in the bottom is filled with water. As the trucks pass through the wheel wash, the grates cause the suspension to vibrate any mud off of the truck as the wheels are cleaned. This process reduces the tracking of mud onto Covel Road.

Sports Park

Covel Sports Park:

Located near the main entrance to the facility, the Covel Sports Park was constructed by WM for use by the local community. The park consists of two baseball diamonds complete with regulation backstops and dugouts and one combination football and soccer field with goal posts. Bleachers, a concession stand, and portable restrooms, along with a paved parking lot are also provided by WM. Covel Sports Park was constructed at a cost of $250,000, all of which was paid by WM.