Covel Gardens Landfill

Waste Management welcomes you to the Covel Gardens Landfill. You are about to embark on a virtual tour of a state-of-the-art solid waste disposal facility. Many people are aware that landfills exist but very few are familiar with just how much care goes into the design, construction and operation of landfills. It is our intent to provide you with an up-close look behind the scenes of what goes on both at the landfill and in the surrounding community.

One of only two solid waste disposal sites serving the San Antonio area, Covel Gardens provides an essential service to the greater Bexar County region and is well positioned to meet the long-term needs of the area as it continues to realize dramatic economic growth.

Prior to Covel Gardens opening for business Waste Management made a commitment to be a good corporate citizen and to provide support to community programs especially in the neighborhoods near the landfill. Waste Management has kept those commitments and takes great pride in the community programs adopted and implemented since 1993. See our section on Community Involvement for more information.

Waste Management would like to thank you for taking the time to visit the Covel Gardens Landfill web site. We invite you to continue deeper into this virtual tour and discover more of the details that are provided for your benefit. We believe you will find it educational and informative.

Covel Gardens is owned and operated by Waste Management of Texas, Inc, a subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc. Waste Management is headquarted in Houston, Texas and serves customers throughout North America,Canada and Puerto Rico. With more than 50,000 employees, Waste Management is the leader in the waste services industry. See more information at

Waste Management has submitted a permit modification to the TCEQ to update the Alternative Daily Cover requirements to the permit and a permit modification for the groundwater monitoring system to meet the new 330 regulations. View the permit modification information.

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Covel Gardens Landfill
8611 Covel Road
San Antonio, TX 78252

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