Covel Gardens Landfill receives Beautification Award

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Maintaining a safe, attractive and welcoming facility is a priority for Waste Management's Covel Gardens Landfill. In March, the Beautify San Antonio Association (BSAA) took notice and honored Covel Garden with this years' Beautification Award.

"The main reason I feel Covel Gardens deserves this Beautification Award is because they work hard to ensure that the entrance to their landfill doesn't look like an entrance to a landfill. The facility is well maintained; it is nicely landscaped with xeriscape plants and features a 9-11 memorial site. As a responsible, caring and neighborhood oriented business, Covel Gardens is truly worthy of this award," said Kay Morris of BSAA.

Covel Gardens is dedicated to improving the quality of life in and around the San Antonio community. Covel Gardens offers two Little League baseball diamonds and a football field that can be used free of charge by citizens in the area. In addition, Covel Gardens partners with the city on a quarterly basis to provide free landfill disposal days for residents of San Antonio.

"We are very grateful for this tribute from BSAA and pledge our continued commitment," said District Manager Ric Green. "I have operated landfills in four different states in my 24 years in this business and this is the first time I have seen a landfill given a beautification award. I am, along with all of our employees, proud to be recognized for our site's appearance."