Unloading of Wastes

All waste delivered to the facility is unloaded in the designated operating areas. Typically, there are five (5) such areas that are active on any given day. These active areas are:

  • Commercial Working Face (for large commercial collection trucks)
  • Residential Working Face (for non-commercial small trucks and pick ups)
  • Asbestos Working Face (restricted to vehicles delivering asbestos)
  • Class 1 Working Face (dedicated to Class 1 solid wastes)
  • Solidification Area (for all bulk liquids to be solidified prior to disposal)

Each of these active areas is under constant surveillance by properly trained Waste Management employees during operating hours. With the exception of the Solidification Area, these working face locations are temporary. Due to the nature of the landfilling process, the working face locations are moved as a natural result of the disposal process.

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