Special Wastes

Special waste is any solid waste or combination of solid wastes that due to its quantity, concentration, physical or chemical characteristics or, biological properties requires special handling and disposal. The various types of special wastes are defined in 30 TAC 330.2

All special wastes are reviewed under Waste Management's special waste program. This program specifically provides for pre-acceptance procedures to assure that a particular waste is non-hazardous and to determine if it is acceptable under the limitations of the site's permit.

Covel Gardens submits a monthly report of special waste receipts to the Executive Director of the TCEQ. This report includes details as to the types of special waste disposed of and the quantities accepted.

Some examples of special wastes include: treated medical waste, dead animals, non-regulated asbestos, regulated asbestos, empty pesticide containers, sludges, grease trap waste and grit trap waste.

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