Site Access Roads and Wet Weather Operations

The main access road is an all-weather asphalt and concrete roadway. All other on-site access roads to the disposal cells are constructed of rock and provide uninterrupted access during wet weather conditions. Some on-site secondary roads are unpaved. These dirt roads are not used to access the disposal areas. A large wet weather pad or tipping floor constructed of rock provides a surface that allows waste trucks to unload even in extremely wet conditions. The wet weather pad is provided primarily for the use of commercial trucks.

Customer Convenience Area

The Customer Convenience Station is provided near the scale house for use by residential customers during wet weather. This station consists of concrete elevated drives situated around several 40 cubic yard roll-off containers. Customer vehicles are parked on the elevated areas and waste materials are off-loaded into the roll-off containers below. The containers are transported to the commercial working face, emptied and returned to the convenience station for repeated use.

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Wheel Wash

Street sweepers are used on all paved access roads during wet weather conditions to eliminate the tracking of mud onto Covel Road. A drive-thru wheel wash is also used during wet conditions to remove mud from truck tires before leaving the site.