Detection and Prevention of Hazardous Wastes

Covel Gardens has developed a Special Waste Program in accordance with 30 TAC 330.114(5)(A). It is designed to exceed the regulatory standard requirements for random load inspections of incoming loads to prevent the receipt and disposal of hazardous and PCB wastes at the facility. This Special Waste Program was approved for use under the current operating permit. The Special Waste Acceptance Plan is a proactive policy that minimizes the potential that unacceptable wastes are delivered to the facility.

The program specifies pre-acceptance procedures to insure that a particular waste is acceptable under the conditions of the facility's permit. All waste streams under consideration are pre-screened before delivery for disposal. Analytical data is gathered from the customer who must complete a Generator's Waste profile Sheet. This information is then reviewed by the WM Technical Team located in Houston. If the waste is acceptable, a specific Approval Number is assigned. Upon delivery, the approved waste load must be accompanied by a manifest. Waste Management employees verify the waste being delivered is approved by reviewing the manifests and by visual inspection. This process prevents a waste stream deemed to be unacceptable from ever being transported to the facility. All waste approvals are made by the Waste Management Technical Team. Local management does not play an active role in the waste approval process.

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